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Meet Your Psychic Advisor Kaye
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​Career Psychic since 1994
Clairvoyant, Empathic, Intuitive,
Claircognizant, Healer, Coach
Providing Psychic Phone Readings - Email Psychic Readings
Angelic Reiki Healing - Chakra Balancing

Specializing in Love and Relationships
Career, Wealth, Manifestation
Health, Personal Well-Being, Life Direction

On a personal note:

"my journey of being a psychic reader began in 1994 on the largest psychic network in the industry. After 10 years I decided to go out on my own as a personal psychic reader passing the savings onto the consumer...." 

Our everyday low prices cannot be beat for the type and quality of your psychic reading! We provide two formats for psychic readings - Psychic Phone Readings or Email Psychic Readings.

Note:  We do not reunite lovers! Those are scams.
Affordable Psychic Readings was created in 2004 for people looking for affordable psychic advice as an alternative to high per minute charges while maintaining the highest psychic standards of providing accurate, indepth and detailed psychic readings.  The quality of your reading is not dependent upon the price you pay per minute but the psychic that you choose.

We have provided psychic phone readings and email psychic readings to people from all walks of life domestically and abroad and have shared in the joys and heartaches of our faithful followers.

As a psychic reader I am honored and humbled to be able to be a small part in a person's life in helping them move forward in love, career, financial prosperity and life enhancement. Like many psychics I was born empathic and a sensitive child.  While that journey can be challenging it look me a number of years to realize my true calling and my ultimate potential in the psychic industry.  

My psychic style would be straight-forward, honest, sometimes inspirational when needed, indepth and compassionate.  Life can be challenging and psychic readings can really help you in the areas of your life that are so important to you.  More and more people are turning to psychics for not only psychic insight but for guidance as well.

Besides providing psychic readings I am also a certified Reiki and Chakra Healer. My healing style is inspirational and thorough connecting through the guidance of Archangel Raphael and the higher powers that I call upon. As human beings we all face challenges within ourselves.  Healings give you the opportunity to remove any blockages that may be holding you back, uplift your mental thoughts so you can attract more positive circumstances in your life and have a sense of well-being about yourself, others and your life.  
"Psychic Kaye is amazingly accurate. She has remarkable insight and gives very specific details. This is what a psychic reading should be, not computerized vague generalities. She really does see into your life. Lady Kaye has an incredible gift and we are blessed that she shares it with us. I am very impressed with my email reading and will be back for more."
"Psychic Kaye is a wonderful soul and she will not sugar coat anything. She does not mislead, nor believes in spells, magic, or fact that a individual needs more work done in order for things to get fixed. Her free will thinking, firm but gentle guiding voice allows the individual to see the whole picture. I have come to her for a particular reason and her insight was and is amazing. I am so thankful for her love and guidance will come back in time but she did tell me not to dwell but to live!!! " S.C. - San Diego, Ca
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Psychic Advisors should not be used in place of medical and mental health professionals.  If you are in an emergency situation turn to a trusted friend, family member and/or professional
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Affordable Psychic Readings
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