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Healing a Broken Heart
​It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does!

healing a broken heart
While it is never easy to lose the one you love or the one that you thought was your destiny following is some ways that may lighten the load of the grieving process and help you stay stabilized until you reach the stage of recovery and experience a willingness to move on and resume your love life inspite of your tragedy.  To those currently experiencing a break up I send you love and light and may you feel supported in this journey from myself and the words that you read on this page.
Anger - Don't suppress it!  Anger is a potent and very powerful energy so acknowledge it, then release it.  If an angry moment comes up for you - feel it then take it and put it in a beautiful golden ball and see it floating up into the universe.  Write a letter to your ex - tell him/her every nasty thing that you have ever thought about them, when finished burn it or tear it up in shreds outside and throw in outside garbage can.  Do not send to your ex!  What you resist persists so get the anger out of you and up into the Universe where it will be replenished for the good of all.

Sadness -  No easy way but time will diminish it.  You may not realize that right after a breakup but again don't resist it but give it timeframes to participate in.  If a sad moment comes up for you acknowledge it, stay in it for a specific timeframe - for example:  "I will allow myself to feel sad and process the sadness for 20 minutes or 45 minutes.  Setting timelimits puts you in control of how long you are sad and help you overcome it.  If you are having problems with mild to moderate depression then try a holistic form of uplifting your mood.

Eating and Health - While you may not feel like eating please do eat for your strength and spirit and soul.  Stay hydrated by drinking bottled water and herbal teas.  Incorporate proteins, fruits and veggies into your day.  Eating and staying hydrated makes your mind more alert and will create a more balanced physical state for you therefore helping you heal faster.  Make sure you get outside every day (weather permitting) for a leisurely 20-30 minute walk.  The fresh air will clean your aura and the air will refresh you as well as be therapeutic for you.

Put Away the Memories - If you can't get dispose of things right away that remind you of your ex get a box and put all things in the box that remind you of him/her.  Pictures, associated smells that remind you of the person whether it be clothing, a special perfume or after shave that you used to wear, flowers that you have dried, event stubs, etc.  When you feel stronger go through the box and get rid of permanently what you no longer desire to keep.  When you seal the box to temporarily put away say a prayer - "Thank you for the love that we did share, may my heart be healed and prepared to attract new suitable love to me now or when I am ready"!  Do not go to places where you used to go or listen to music that you shared, particularly "your song"!  Listen to a different type of music.

Try New Things - Take out paper and pen and make a list of things that you have always wanted to do or to try.  Change your hair color, get a haircut.  Visit a friend in another state.  Take that class that you have always wanted to take.  This is your time and you are worth also spending some time doing things that perhaps you have put off because you were in a relationship.  Get movie tickets, hook up with friends, try new restaurants.  When you are strong enough get out and get going.  Surround yourself with new faces and new experiences and you will see that it is a big world out there!

Talk, Talk, Talk - Everyone has been through a bad breakup maybe even two so surround yourself with well-meaning friends and talk to them about your situation, what you are experiencing, what your frustrations are, etc.  Family and friends can be your strength until you work through mentally and emotionally the struggles of grieving and yes, abandonment!  Remember, what you resist persists.  Try not to be a burden but at the same time don't be shy about talking to family or friends about how challenging and difficult this time is in your life.  If you feel you need additional support and you have burned out your friends a psychic reading or even seeking out a therapist may also be a wise course for you to take.  This is all about you and healing you so you can get on to the next chapter of your life in the house of love.

Hoping You Will Reunite - It is okay to hope and your psychic reading will reveal to you if that can be a possibility but this time is also reflecting on the good, bad and the ugly of your relationship.  Why did you breakup?  Was this person good to you while you were with them.  Think along the lines of how "good" things were when you were together.  Many couples do reunite and give it another try so while it is not out of the question do not put your life on hold "waiting" for the potential that the two of you will reunite.  Get on with your life while you are waiting by going through the stages and things that you can do to heal from the breakup.  Time will tell!

Re-Enter the Dating World - When you are ready begin thinking of your next love.  What would you like him/her to be like, start putting out feelers to friends that you would like to meet someone new, socialize, sign up for a dating site to begin talking to people of the opposite sex to get your dating chops back.  You can even enter this phase if you choose to wait or are hoping that you will reunite.  All the better as it will give you leverage when you do hear from your truelove again.  In actuality getting back into the saddle again can open you up to more positive opportunities and you can even start having fun again!

Pray - Praying, contacting your angels, Spirit Guides will assist you not only in your spiritual growth but give you emotional support and hope for the tomorrow's of your life.  Our guardian angels are always around us to help us so call upon them to give you strength and support and the will to move forward.  Praying brings peace of mind and brings optimism that your future will unfold for you in positive ways and you will attain your dreams of love either with a new person or the one that you have just broken up with. 
Prayer For Finding New Love

Dearest God (or the higher power that you call upon) I pray for divine guidance and ask that my way be cleared for love to come into my life.  Please clear all obstacles that may be preventing love from coming to me and open my eyes and my heart to all of the infinite possibilities of who might be the highest and best possible companion for me.  Help me to trust that just the right person will come into my life and that he/she will be perfect for me and me for them.  Help me to make my way ready through physical appearance, making my home ready and healing any negative emotions that could be preventing me from manifesting the most perfect companion for me.  I release any and all negative thoughts, emotions, and previous relationships into the light.  I release this prayer into the Universe now for Manifestation.
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